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The journey to this place, this blog,  a place to reflect and record my thoughts on so many topics that surround me on a  daily basis has taken a long time.  But how does one define themselves when starting out on a journey like this? Who am I  and how will that impact how I see the world around me and  how I will write?

Well, let’s start at the the simplistic beginning. I’m a woman, female of the species (so to speak) and yes that will colour, slant (or whatever other term you want to use) how I see the world and thus how I will write. Does that mean I can’t see and perceive other points of view? Of course not, but it is the beginning of a definition.

Next I suppose down the continuum, I’m a mother. Yes, a mom to 3 gorgeous (see? editorializing already!!) kids, one daughter and two sons.  We’ll leave the full descriptions for later as I’m sure my journey with all of them will impact my writing at some point.

Then, I must say I’m very proud to say that my next sense of identity is that I’m a teacher! Regardless of any other identity there are 100’s of kids out there who only know me as “their teacher” and for that I am always proud and humbled at the same time. I’ve never had any other profession and I would imagine everyone probably feels the same way about their career path (or I would hope so – am I being naive?) but I count it a very rewarding fact that I had the opportunity to pour a bit of my own life, time and energy into so many students over the years. I know it’s a cliche, but truly they taught me more than I ever taught them.
Today I’m still a teacher, but I find myself in the role of a Learning Supervisor.  Prior to this year, I was a principal or a VP for some 8 years.  I know to some that almost implies I’ve left the teaching profession. But  I’m now a Learning Supervisor; the leader, a guide, a mentor to a team of Instructional Coaches and Learning Coordinators  – and yes, all those other roles come into play at some point during my day – but to understand the writing and the thoughts I will share with you here – I see myself a teacher first and a Learning Supervisor or a principal,  second. For the most part,  I look on it as now I’m a teacher to adults, the staff  in the Literacy and Language Portfolio in our Board.  They are my students, but they are also my colleagues and many times, I am their student, as they teach me so much with their expertise.

That’s pretty much the definition of who I am. What does my future hold? Needless to say we don’t know, that’s why it’s the future, but I have completed my Masters and my Supervisory papers.  Does that mean that is my pathway? No, not in the least! But it should tell you I value education and creating as broad a base as possible, so whatever the future holds that preparation is there to create my adventure.
And what an adventure it will be!  I hope you’ll come along with me as we explore so many exciting things in the world of education and how we feel about it.

Since I started this blog about 4 years ago, I’ve also found that Twitter can be the very best personal PD an educator can explore, so down the right column of this blog I’ve added my Twitter feed. I’ve made many good educational colleagues here.  The sharing and the discussions have been invaluable to me as an educator.  I’d love to have you join me in this journey.

Come write with me, there’s a world out there to explore!

Sue …….

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Cindy, I agree and to this day, my own children, who are now young adults, continue to be my greatest teachers. Daily I learn from their example as they navigate their way through this digitally charged world. I’m thrilled that you have rediscovered your creativity. Your words within this post are beautifully crafted. Have you thought about blogging and sharing your affinity for teaching with others in this type of a forum?

  2. As a woman, mother and teacher ( in that order also) I really appreciate this blog and more specifically this particular post. I have been an educator for 35 years ( with 12 years “off” for the mothering part) although I have to say those years were my greatest learning opportunities. Children have a way of bringing the real world into focus. My greatest reward has been to wrap my arms around and bring learning to other people’s children in a variety of settings. Lately, I had begun to feel somewhat discouraged, like I was losing the creativity and affinity I have always felt teaching. Thank you for reassuring me that it is still out there!

  3. I am contacting you from the Faculty of Education at Western. Would you provide me with your email address so that I can send you a message?

  4. We are going down a similar path, Sue. It’s fascinating to “follow” you.



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