Message to our Grads -2012

Good Evening graduates, family members, friends and staff. Tonight we come together to celebrate the graduating class of 2012. For many of the parents in our audience I’m sure that seems as if only yesterday your son or daughter was excited about starting Junior Kindergarten. You worried how they would ever manage throughout the day without you by their side. Would they eat their lunch? Would they find some nice friends? Would they like and trust their teacher? Would they be kind to others and learn how to read? Would they use the bathrooms while at school? LOL. And although it seems like only yesterday, 10 years have passed and here we sit, ready to honour their elementary school career and send them off on the next part of their journey ~ secondary school.

But before we do, we need to stop and cherish today ~ Graduation is one of life’s important moments. The teacher in me, can’t resist reading you a story and hopefully you will be able to make some of those important connections that we’ve worked on so thoroughly in the past couple of years.


Cherish Today ~ A Celebration of Life’s Moments ~ by Kristina Evans


Stand up, be proud, hip hip hooray!
You’ve accomplished your goals and your’e on your way.
I know you feel awestruck, estatic, and thrilled.
You’ve completed this round; I admire your will.

The gifts that you have shine more than ever.
You are loaded with wit, and you’ve proven you’re clever.
You’ve been given the tools to build on your dreams.
You have just scored a point for the game-winning team.

The game is now over, but there’s more to do.
And your teammates are no longer right beside you.
Which way are you going? Now who’s got your back?
If you keep pushing forward, you’ll find a new track.

Let’s be honest; there may be some days
When your life will resemble an underground maze.
Every time you go out, you’ll be routed back in.
Every light in the tunnel reveals a dead end.

This is when feelings start to get hyped.
Your heart begins pounding; should you forfeit this fight?
You can still join the race, but you can’t always lead.
And it may take some time to find your own speed.

Some days it might feel like your path isn’t clear.
Our prayers are behind you and we’ll help you steer.
Will you stay focused and follow your heart?
Even though it may lead you straight off the chart?

Just remember to honor those who came before.
They carved out the path, now you open the door.
You can do it! You hold the key
To persevere and uphold our rich legacy.

Exciting adventures lie ahead in your path.
For every tear shed, you are promised tow laughs.
So just take it slow, one day at a time,
And you’ll find that your path is truly divine.

It won’t be easy; you’ll be put to the test.
But challenge is worth it when you find yourself blessed.
There’s no right or wrong way, you must pull from within.
You’ve finished the warm-up…let the true race begin.

On your mark: get set; ready; and run!
You’ve inspired so many with a job well done.
But before you set off, just let me say:
The future’s tomorrow,

Cherish today!


We started your grade eight year with purposefully having you walk across the stage at Banting making a commitment to setting a goal for your final year at Wilfrid Jury. We asked you to think about the legacy that you were going to leave as you graduated. Your goals varied from helping others, to making a commitment to being environmentally responsible, to improving in various subject areas. Now that your final year has come to an end, I wonder if you were able to meet those goals? What were the challenges along the way? What were the rewards as you finally met your goal? Are you proud of the legacy that you will leave us with as you continue your educational journey into secondary school? I know that Wilfrid Jury is a better place because you were a significant part of our school community. We are proud of your accomplishments in the Arts, Athletics and Academics. As a result of your time here at Wilfrid Jury, you are poised and ready to take on the challenges that await you.

On behalf of the entire staff, We wish you all the best and we can’t wait to celebrate your future successes.

Once a Wilfrid Jury Wolf, Always a Wilfrid Jury Wolf!

Night of a Thousand Stars


When you google “a night of a thousand stars” you get 3, 140, 000 hits in under .24 seconds. Top on the list is Madonna’s “Evita” – I could find the lyrics to that award winning movie and on YouTube, I could watch any one of over 76 videos by various recording artists singing that song.

  • On this night of a thousand stars  
  • Let me take you to heaven’s door
  • Where the music of love’s guitars
  • Plays forevermore!

Then there were dozens and dozens of celebrations naming their night “A Night of 1000 Stars” – the VGH (Vancouver General Hospital) holding a gala night as a fund raiser for UBC Hospital Foundation. Over in St. Louis there was another “Night of 1000 Stars” fund raiser for Multiple Sclerosis. And then another gala in San Antonio Texas for the United Way.

“A Night of a Thousand Stars” has a very popular ring to it. Tonight is our Night of ……… but why a 1000 stars you might ask, when before you we only have 90 stars. (grads)

But, have some imagination!! A theme of “A Night of 90 Stars” hardly has the same ring to it, so A Night of a 1000 Stars it is.

But let’s leave the 1000 aside for a bit and look at the “star” in the  phrase …What is a “star”?                    

Well, right off we think of our movie stars, our sports stars, famous singers and many other athletes from all the popular sports. They become our cultural “stars” and we often try to emulate them, their talent, their accomplishments and no doubt their incredible salaries. Yes they are our culture’s idols and the people we love to emulate.

But science also tells us a star is a massive luminous ball of plasma held together by gravity.

 Ah, we’re in school here, so a little science! The nearest star to our Earth is??? Anyone know? ……well it’s the Sun – the source of most of our energy on Earth.

But mostly, we think of stars as those tiny twinkling lights up in the dark sky at night, light years away from us grouped together into constellations. To this day, I love looking up into the night sky and searching for the Big  Dipper or the North Star. I look for shooting stars and dream about what life might be like way out there. I think that’s where the expression “Wish Upon a Star” comes from and wishing on a Star is like making Dreams come true.

So maybe tonight should be called “A Night of a Thousand Dreams” as each one of our 90 ‘stars’ set their minds on the future. What will it hold? What dreams do each one of you have which will shape your future? And tonight we WANT you to dream. Dream and dream BIG!

You are all ready for it now. You’ve been here in elementary school now for some 10 years – JK through to grade 8. In JK/SK your dreams were very personal – you wished it was your turn at the water play table or you could  hardly wait to go home. In other grades your dreams or wishes were about making that all important team, or finding and keeping that best friend.

Now – here right now – I’m sure all you want it to get out of grade 8 and  enjoy the summer. Yes …most of your teachers who have worked so hard throughout the year have that same wish or dream too. I know I do. I love summer. And well we should. We’ve worked hard all year.

But I trust that while you are enjoying your summer you also let yourself dream about what might come into your life as you head to secondary school. I trust your dreams take you back to school in September with the  excitement and vigor you will need to achieve academic success in whichever courses you’ve selected. Dream about and then get involved in school activities, the clubs, sports, singing groups as you achieve your best academic excellence.

And make those dreams even bigger as you prepare now for another graduation in 4 short years.

It will be here before you know it. Do you dream of college or university? Or do you dream of the workplace and some apprenticeship? All of those are worthwhile dreams – make them your own – live to achieve them.

Parents! Thank you all for coming tonight. Sometimes it’s hard to know if this night is for you or your child who is graduating from our elementary system into the secondary system. You’ve been there for them through each grade, each scraped knee, each tearful explanation of their terrible bad no good day and of course, their victories, their joys and their achievements. So for you it is also your Night of a Thousand Dreams!


Congratulations we are so very proud of you. Each and everyone of you. One dream has been realized. We know there will be many more to come, but congratulations on achieving this one – your successful Grade 8 Graduation.  (applause for our graduating class)

Thank you,
Mrs S. Bruyns
Principal, Wilfrid Jury P.S.